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 General Tips

Your ideal job needs an ideal resume for a dazzling first impression.

A smart CV that communicates your experience in the briefest manner, and highlights the most impressive skills and qualifications is a great step towards the job you are targeting. Also include

  • Name of the Company and location
  • Job Title you held
  • Date of joining and leaving
  • Brief description of responsibilities
  • Any achievement

Interview Tips
Remember the following points before you come for the final interview::

  • Never come late for an interview to avoid nervousness.
  • Greet the interviewer with a warm and confident smile to create a good first impression
  • Be to the point in your answers; try to impress the interviewers with a short and smart answer
  • Never guess; it is much better to politely admit that you don't know about a specific area in a subject
  • End it with a warm smile and remember to thank the interviewers when you walk out