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Who is AGP?
AGP is a Government Recognized overseas Recruiting consultant based in India. Having been in the business for past 27 years as one of the India's major providers of qualified manpower around the globe with head Office in Chennai, besides branch in Mumbai and New Delhi.
AGP has highly experienced and technically qualified experts and adequate strength of staff members in our head office and branch offices to meet MNC clients. AGP has an aggressive team who conducts extensive sourcing of candidates throughout India. AGP has an extensive computerized databank and also have contractual access to leading jobsites i.e., etc., which contains large database for all industries meeting the International Standard.
What is AGP’s contribution to the industry?
Over the 25 years, we have come-across and handled the projects by industry verticals for Oil & Gas Projects, Power Plants, Petrochemicals & Refinery, Marine & Ship-building and Repair Yard, Heavy Industries, Civil Construction projects, MEP Construction and Maintenance projects, Healthcare, Hospitality industries etc..
What is AGP’s staff strength and where are their networks in India?

We have sizable number of employees with direct and indirect employment, who can support & deliver the objective of the Clients. For the networks and present in India, kindly click our URL.

What differentiates AGP from their competitors?
We stand Unique on the following points:
  • Our methodology of sourcing and processing.
  • Our reputation in the market which enable us to magnitude more job seekers.
  • Our commitment to our clients and job seekers.
  • Our panel of cross-industry and in-house Technical Experts.
  • Our Continuous Market analysis and Research are key resources to differentiate us.

What are AGP’s high-lights to satisfy our recruitment & obligation?

Please find below our highlights plans and how we would satisfy clients. The under mentioned process are undertaken simultaneously:
i) Databank (Immediately on receipt of the requirement)
AGP has an extensive computerized databank. Basically highly Skilled & Technically qualified Professional categories required are sourced from our database.
ii) Job Postings in Job portals (the day of receipt of requirements along with Job Descriptions)
We post the requirements on our URL i.e. and also have contractual access to leading premier jobsites i.e. Naukri, Monster etc., which contains large database for all industries meeting the International Standard.
iii) Ascertain & Sourcing Process (After 3 days of receipt of the requirements)
We also conduct market research in potential areas where certain specialized categories are available. This activity is an added advantage in sourcing required categories from Specific Industries.
iv) Advertisement (After studying the requirement the agency advises the client for releasing the Advertisement)
We plan our advertisement schedules based on the categories required, and their availability in different parts of India. The required categories are advertised in a leading English Newspapers which covers the cities which target the candidates as per the industry verticals.
v) Personal interview & Screening Process (Meeting the above steps)
The CV's sourced from the above process are been screened and short-listed by our highly experienced and technically qualified experts on the basis of the job description provided by our client. The semi-skilled categories are also subjected to a third-party certification as per their specialization.
The overall grading of candidates is carried out based on their professional skills, previous experience, general knowledge, personality and adaptability for work environment. The candidate's shortlisted by us is then presented to the client's representative for the final selection.
Our Technically qualified experts roam to different cities for pre-screening & short-listing the candidates before the final interviews. Also our Field Experts travel with the delegates to different cities to provide them necessary assistance required at the time of the interviews.
To make the entire Recruitment Trip successful we believe in strong communication and co-ordination with our clients and pre-screened candidates.
vi) Planning the Recruitment Trip & logistic arrangements for Client
We prepare the itinerary for our clients to visit different cities in India for their approval for final interviews which shall enable us to fulfill the requirement of our clients. We also advocate doing the hotel bookings on their behalf in different cities where the interviews are to be conducted.
vii) Facilities and Interview arrangements
We have a huge spacious office with 10 specialized air-conditioned cabins to conduct interviews along with Computers, broadband connection, Intercom and Secretarial Assistance. AGP uses Microsoft OS as standardized software. The computer are safe guarded with anti-shield to protect from virus, we maintain a periodical checkup of Antivirus. We use email, faxes, STD, ISD & Video Conferencing facilities for communication.

What benefits / Guarantees does AGP offer that other agencies will fail to deliver?
  • Short-list of talented personnel with efficient, dedicated, disciplined and right attitude for your personal interview.
  • After the successful deployment, we shall provide guarantee for their workmanship during the stipulated period of probation.
  • In case of a selected candidate been found unfit medically during the probation period, we would be fully responsible for the repatriation and the suitable replacement at our own cost.
What is the Time-frame in-terms of mobilization?
After acceptance of the job offer, receipt of the visa and confirmed air passage (PTA), we will be mobilized to your esteemed organization at the scheduled time-frame.
What are the Names and address of Government regulated and licensed medical Institutions AGP uses for the required medical examinations?
Name and Address of Government regulated, Licensed, GCC Panel Doctors approved Medical Institution in India for Medical Examination
Why would a potential candidate look at AGP for employment opportunities?
Potential candidates look at us for Employment because we have experience of 25 years in Overseas Recruitment Industry and we give them opportunities in leading & reputed Companies.
Who are the clientele ?
Refer client list.