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  Commitment to Action in Pursuit of Ethical Recruitment

Businesses have transcended geographical boundaries. A consequence of this massive change in the business environment of the 21st century is a fact that boundaries no longer inhibit recruiters from seeking qualified individuals overseas, or candidates from attempting to grab overseas job opportunities. Such overseas jobs provide ample rewards for the years of hard work and skill acquisition invested by candidates. Employment agencies have an indispensable and integral role to play in facilitating both recruiters and job seekers, and this role also entails lots of responsibilities.

Honoring the regulation set by the governments, promoting adherence to strict legal processes in migration of individuals from one country to another, and participating with full vigor and responsibility in policy formulations and consultations with regard to issues like licensing and authorizations, and above all - providing the best talent to recruiter, and the most lucrative job opportunities to candidates; AGP International Services strives to conduct all its practices including the above with the highest degree of responsibility.

As an overseas employment consultancy and platform for several enthusiastic job seekers, AGP International Services vows to stand by its guiding principles of integrity, sensitivity and responsibility. Our Vision, Mission and Values statement always remind us about what we aim to be seen as, and the contributions we wish to make to our industry.

  • Vision: To provide gainful overseas employment to people and improve their livelihood;
  • Mission: To connect human resources of India with clients worldwide and contribute to the development of the origin and destination countries;
  • Values: Professionalism, Quality and Service to Humanity, with a sense of integrity, passion and fairness.